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Holdings Management - Hiding Titles and Packages on Publication Finder

In some instances, you may wish to prevent a package or title in your collection from displaying in downstream products such as Publication Finder, Full Text Finder, EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), Google Scholar and KBART. You may use this option, for example, if you wish to add a package to your collection before it has been activated by the publisher (in order to prepare Notes and CustomLinks).

The following features are located within EBSCOadmin's Holdings Management tab when viewing a title or package detail page.

  • Hide all Titles in this Package- From the Package Details screen, checking this box hides the entire package on downstream applications.

  • Hide this publication- From the Title Details screen, checking this box hides an individual title on downstream applications.

  • Hide- On the Package details Titles tab, the checkbox in the Hide column has the same function as the Hide this publication box on Title Details.

If the resource is "hidden," it will remain selected in Holdings Management, will be included in any reports, and will be counted as a part of your Unique Title Count.

EBSCO Updates to Hide Status: When EBSCO’s automated processes update the collection based on subscriptions in Order History, a title may be hidden. The display will indicate when EBSCO’s processes have determined the title should be hidden.

Hiding an EBSCO activated resource: If you would like Publication Finder to not display a title that has been activated by EBSCO, you can use the Hide feature to prevent it from appearing. From the Title Details screen for that title, check the Hide this Publication box. Or, on the Package details Title tab, check the box in the Hide column for that title to prevent it from being displayed.