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Holdings Management - Downloading Your Holdings

From the Holdings Management Download page in EBSCOadmin, you can download your collection to add or delete custom title information in the downloaded list, then upload your list for easy updates. To view a list of fields that can be used for custom information, and those that are strictly for managed use, click here. For example, if you have a managed title with coverage that differs from the default coverage, you can enter custom coverage information in the download file and then upload it.

To download your holdings:

  1. Select the list Format to download. Formats available are CSV (comma-separated values), Tab Delimited, and XML.

    Note: When downloading an XML file, all columns are automatically included, regardless of what is selected on the Download screen.

  2. Select the Resources to download.

    • Managed and Custom: Selecting this option will download all titles. See Managed and Custom below for a description of these resources.

    • Managed: Titles available in EBSCO's master resource database that EBSCO manages and maintains. Changes to managed resources' URLs, titles, and coverage will appear automatically on your title list.

    • Custom: Titles that are not in EBSCO's master resources database. These resources were either specified as custom on the uploaded file or did not match during the upload process. Your administrator must maintain custom resource information.

    Note: Any managed resource (whether that managed resource is assigned to a managed package or a custom package) is still considered a managed resource and won't be included in a holdings download requesting only custom resources. If you are interested in download of all titles within a custom package then you should create a holdings download choosing just that specific package name as the criteria to be included in the download. Not only will you get the complete list of all titles within that package (custom and managed), you will also be able to see the count of custom vs. managed in that package using the Title List Summary feature. 

  3. Select the Ordered Through EBSCO Only checkbox.

    Checking this box limits titles to only those ordered through EBSCO. In the download file, the OrderedThroughEBSCO column contains Y if the title was ordered through EBSCO and N if the title was not ordered through EBSCO. Custom titles will display N, as only managed titles are ordered through EBSCO.

    This option will display only if you have selected the Managed radio button.

    Note: Ordered Through EBSCO Only indicates those e-journals and e-packages ordered through EBSCO, not EBSCO database content.

  4. Select a Content Type to download:

    • Package Content Types -

    • Package Name - Enter a package name in the Find field and click Search. Next, select a package or packages and click Add to include them in your download.

    • Select the Resource Types to download.

      The option you choose will limit the titles in your download list to the selected resource type. Available resource types include: All, Journal, Newsletter, Report, Proceedings, Website, Newspaper, Unspecified, Book, Book Series, and Database.

  5. Enter a file name for your download in the field provided.

    It is recommended that you make your file name descriptive of the contents in download in case you will be working with multiple download files.

  6. Click Create File for Download.

    The system begins to create your download.  When completed, you may download your file from the View All Downloads tab.

  7. After your download is finished processing, click the Download link and select to Open or Save the file to your computer.