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Holdings Management - Creating a Custom Package

Holdings Management in EBSCOadmin allows you to create custom packages in which you can add custom resources. You may want to do this if there are packages in your collection that you could not find in Holdings Management.

To create a custom package:

  1. Click the Create Custom Package link on either the Overview or Packages sub-tab.

  2. Enter a Package Name in the field provided.

  3. Select a Content Type from the drop-down menu. (e.g. Abstract and Index, E-Book, Print, etc.)

  4. Select a Proxy Server from the drop-down menu to add Proxy information to your custom resource. (if desired)

  5. Enter Custom Coverage dates by entering Begin and End dates in the fields provided or by clicking the appropriate dates in the pop-up calendars when you click into a field. To indicate that your coverage is current and ongoing, leave the End Date field empty.

    Note: Setting a Custom Coverage at Package level will set a range for any coverage dates specified for a selected title.

  6. Click Save.