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My institution subscribes to a package of e-journals that we selected individually rather than receiving all available titles, what is the best way to add the titles to our Full Text Finder collection?

First, if you subscribe to the e-journal package through EBSCO, the titles will be automatically added and updated to your collection on a nightly basis, saving you a great deal of time spent adding and removing the individual titles.

If you do not subscribe to the package through EBSCO, you have several options. With any of the below, you must first know which titles you subscribe to and those you do not:

If you subscribe to a majority of the available titles, you may wish to add the entire package using the Packages selection page available in Holdings Management. Once you have located your package you can view all titles in the package and deselect the individual titles to which you do not subscribe.

If you subscribe to only a minority of the available titles in the package, you may wish to add each title individually using the Titles selection page.

If you have a complete list of the titles along with the desired details (e.g., source, ISSN, IsCustom column and any custom information that you wish to include), you can use the Upload feature to add all of the titles at once. Simply provide all available details, save the file as a tab-delimited text file, and upload it to Holdings Management making sure to select the Add/Update to existing holdings radio button (default).