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How do I link from Project Muse to Full Text Finder?

  1. Go to their page for setting up OpenURL links.

  2. Enter your name in the field labeled Name.

  3. Enter your job title in the field labeled Title.

  4. Enter the name of your work place in the field labeled Institution.

  5. Enter your e-mail address in the field labeled Email Address.

  6. In the Base URL for your linking server field, enter the following information:

  7. In the OpenURL version supported by your linking server section, select 1.0.

  8. In the Name of the organization that maintains the linking server field, enter EBSCO.

  9. Enter the following URL in the [Optional] If you would like a customized icon to display for the link to your linking server, please provide the URL of a .JPG or .GIF image field.

  10. Select Proceed to Preview Page.

  11. Select Submit.

  12. Wait two business days for this to take effect.