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How should I format my custom coverage to upload in Holdings Management so that Full Text Finder will find my results?

Full Text Finder will use the Custom Coverage fields in the Holdings Management knowledge base to determine whether a link should show (based on the date of publication of the article being requested). Custom dates you enter for items in Holdings Management will display in the format selected here on the Full Text Finder menu. Possible options include:
•    yyyy-mm-dd
•    mm-dd-yyyy
•    mm/dd/yyyy
•    mm.dd.yyyy
•    mm/yyyy
•    yyyy

In addition, the following non-date values can also be included in an import file and will be interpreted by Holdings Management as noted:
•    Null
•    No Access
•    to present
•    -present
•    Present 

If you have multiple date ranges for a particular title, include all of your coverage begin date values in that column of your upload file (separated by the allowable delimiter "|") in the correct order. Then include each of the corresponding coverage end date values in that column of your upload file, delimited in the same manner.