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I uploaded a managed title in EBSCOadmin, but it is showing as a separate listing. How can I have it display along with the other instances of the same title?

When uploading a managed title, be sure that the title you include in the Title field matches the way the title is shown for the other instances of the title. For the best match, also include the ISSN/ISBN for the title. If the title that you upload differs at all from the way it is displayed in the EBSCO Knowledge Base, then Holdings Management will upload the title as a custom title and list it as a separate title from the other instances of the same title.

If you have uploaded a managed title and it is not displaying along with the other instances of the same title, you can remove the title by using the drop-down that indicates it is a Selected title. Choose Remove This Title.  The system will then ask you to confirm the removal by clicking Continue to Remove, or you can Cancel.  

If you need to remove several titles Visit the Download page from the home page of Holdings Management. You can select to download Custom only in the Resource section and further limit which resources you download by selecting Package Content, Package name, or Resource Types. 

Once you have downloaded your file you can locate the titles on the downloaded list and place a “Y” in the Delete column on the title’s row, save it as a tab-delimited text file, and go to Upload from the home page of Holdings Management to upload your changes. Make sure you select Add/Update to existing holdings (default) to append your current holdings. This will remove the titles from your collection.