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What is the difference between a managed resource and a custom resource in Full Text Finder?

Managed titles are resources available in the Knowledge Base which are maintained by EBSCO. EBSCO maintains all of the details such as the URL, Publisher, ISSN/ISBN, subject, managed coverage, and more. Any changes to the URL, coverage, etc. are made by EBSCO and are automatically reflected on your Full Text Finder profile. All managed resources can be added or removed from your collection using the Holdings Management Title search or Upload feature in EBSCOadmin.

A vast majority of the resources in your Holdings Management collection are managed resources. If you subscribe to electronic resources that you find are not available in our knowledge base, please contact EBSCO Customer Support so these resources can be researched for possible inclusion.

If you have resources in your collection that you do not find, such as the print instances of your titles or a local online literary magazine, you are still able to add them to your holdings by individually adding the item via the Custom Resource link on either the Overview or Titles sub-tab, or by including the item in your next upload.  

Resources added that are considered custom titles, are ones for which you would maintain all of the desired details such as custom coverage, subject, URL, etc. All information on custom titles must be maintained by your institution’s local holdings administrator.