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Can I change the order of the links in the Full Text Finder link resolver menu?

As a Holdings Management administrator, you can choose the order of the links that are displayed on the Full Text Finder menu to further customize access to your collections.

One way to improve your linking experience ensure that your most valued links are at the top of the menu. The default rank assigned by the system for non-full text target links starts at 10—any targets that are specifically full text should be using a rank lower than 10. For that reason, we recommend ranking your links with a priority similar to the following:

     1 – Vendor/Publisher full text article links
     3 – Free/Open Access article level links
     4 – Full text issue level links
     6 – Free/Open Access issue level links
     7 – Full text volume level links
     8 – Full text journal level links
     9 – Free/Open Access journal level links

Note: Links that have the same rank will display in alphabetical order. The default category rank assigned for non-full text managed links are as follows:

     10 - Abstract and Index Databases
     15 - Library Catalog
     20 - ILL
     25 - Document Delivery
     30 - Search Engines
     35 - Novelist and BIR
     40 - Other

To change the order:

1.    In the Holdings Management section of EBSCOadmin, select Manage Your Links from the Overview or Links from the top right corner under the main navigation.
2.    Enter a number in the Rank field next to the associated links.
3.    Click Refresh List.