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How do I add my holdings to Full Text Finder?

All administration of Full Text Finder is handled through EBSCOadmin via the Holdings Management section. Holdings Management has an easy-to-use, interactive search tool to locate titles by searching on the title or package name, or by searching for the Vendor from which you purchase your titles or packages . 

If you already have a title list, you can use the Upload feature as an alternative to searching the Knowledge Base through our administrative module. Once your holdings are populated, we provide the capability to allow you to download your list to your computer, make changes to your local copy of the list, and then upload those changes back to Full Text Finder for real-time list updates.

Custom titles can be added individually, or via the Upload feature. For example, you can upload your print-format titles with links to your catalog and also modify title attributes that are custom to your organization.

In addition, e-journals you have purchased from EBSCO and EBSCOhost databases will also be automatically added to your holdings, which you can then modify, if necessary, via Holdings Management.