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Why don't I see the Matching column and the tool to view and resolve the Ambiguous Matches in EBSCOadmin Holdings Management?

In order to see the “Matching” column and the tool to view and resolve any Ambiguous Matches on the View All Holdings Uploads page in Holding Management, you must have EBSCOadmin Security “write” permission to both the “Holdings & Link Management” and the “Holdings Matching” roles.

To view or change the role of an administrator:

1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at
2. From the Utility Toolbar, click the EBSCOadmin Security Link. 
3. Click the Go link to the right of the administrator's user name.

For more information regarding EBSCOadmin Security roles and permissions, please see our FAQ at: How do I change administrator roles in EBSCOadmin?
Please note that you may need to contact the administrator who setup your EBSCOadmin Administrator account to have changes made to your permissions.

For more information regarding Resolving Ambiguous Matches, please see our FAQ at: Uploading Files to Holdings Management - Resolving Ambiguous Matches