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How do I get a count of all my eBook titles?

A count of your unique (i.e. de-duped) eBook titles can be obtained via Holdings Management. You can use the Download Holdings feature to create a unique count for any of the different Resource or Package Content Types available in Holdings Management.

For a count of all eBooks, regardless of if they are included in an eBook package or within an Aggregated Full Text database, you can use the “Resource Types” and "Package Content Types" filters by following the directions below:

  1. Click the Download button from the Holdings Management home screen.
  2. Select the desired Format of your file (CSV, Tab Delimited, or XML).
  3. Under Contents, select your Resources (Managed and Custom, Managed, or Custom).
  4. Then, select the radio button next to Resource Types or Package Content Types and make your selections as follows: 
    • For eBooks: Limit Resource Types to Book.
    • For serials: Limit Resource Types to Book Series, Journals, Newsletter, Newspaper.
    • For media: Limit Resource Types to Audio Book, Streaming Audio, Streaming Video.
    • For databases: Limit Package Content Types by Aggregated Full Text, Abstract and Index.
  5. Under File Name, enter a descriptive name for your file.
  6. Click Create File for Download.
  7. Once downloaded, in the View all Downloads list click Title List Summary and view the Unique Titles count.