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Exporting Serials Solutions for Full Text Finder

If you are transitioning to Full Text Finder, you can choose to send an e-resource holdings file to EBSCO. Click here to access the instructions for exporting your Serials Solutions holdings for conversion to Full Text Finder holdings.

Note: If you are a current Serials Solutions customer and intend to continue with your subscription, please refer to the following FAQ:

If the exported file size is larger than 10MB (combined if more than one file), you are welcome to use the following EBSCO FTP to deliver the files. The file(s) should be named according to your institution name (rather than your library name):

User: eissupport
Password: vIT3wyf9

This FTP server is only used for delivery/pickup of journal holdings files. The file(s) will expire 2 weeks after being added. If you need to utilize this option, you should email once holdings are loaded to the FTP so support can pick up the file(s) before expiring.Once received, it will be processed through our conversion tool. The converted file will be uploaded into Full Text Finder for you. Whoever requested the conversion will be notified once the upload is complete.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please don't hesitate to contact