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Using the Flipster Desktop Viewer

The Flipster Viewer allows you to view magazines and includes a variety of features for searching, reading articles, and printing.

Flipster Viewer

Viewer Tools

In the column on the right-hand side, you can:

  • Search: Click the Search field to open the searching options. Enter your search terms in the field and use the limiters to:

    • Search the current issue vs. all issues.

  • All Issues: Hover your pointer over All Issues to access all available issues of your title as well as the Table of Contents for the current issue.

  • Pages: Hover your pointer over Pages to view visualizations of all pages available in the current issue. Click on an image to go directly to that page.

  • Zoom: Click the Plus or Minus buttons to zoom in and out of the page you are viewing.

  • Page Arrows: Use the forward and back arrows to page through the current issue.

  • Print: Click the Print button to open a PDF version of the pages you are currently viewing or all pages of the magazine, which you can then print on your computer.

    Note: Issues loaded prior to February 2016 will not be available for printing when using the Print all pages option.

  • Settings

    • Show one page at a time: Select to view only one page at a time.  

    • Zoom out on page change: Select to zoom out to the full page view every time you move to another page. 

    • Fit: Select to fit the page in the viewer by height, width, or height & width.  


Full Screen Mode

You can expand the viewer to full screen by clicking the full screen button near the top right of the page.

Viewer Full Screen button