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My patrons are having trouble logging into the Flipster App. How can I help them?

There are a few possible reasons why your users may be experiencing trouble logging into the Flipster app. Please see the following possible resolutions.

  • My patrons can’t find my library through the app. What can I do to fix this?
    • In order for your users to access the app, you must enable it for your institution with your EBSCOadmin account.
      See: How do I enable the Flipster mobile app for my institution?

    • In order for your users to be able to use the Flipster mobile app, your institution must have a dedicated Flipster Mobile app profile for your account in EBSCOadmin. If you need a Flipster mobile app profile created, please contact

  • My patrons use library card for authentication, but they seeing User ID / Password, with a secondary option of Patron ID in the app? What is Patron ID?

  • My library offers Flipster, but the parent institution of our buying group (consortium) does not. Why are my patrons unable to login?
    • Flipster is not sold to Consortiums. This can be an issue for Child sites that do subscribe to Flipster but their authentication is configured in the parent account.  Steps may need to be taken to extend configuration down to these child sites (for example, configure library card).
      See: How do I set up CPID (Patterned ID) Authentication?