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What authentication methods are supported for the Flipster mobile app?

For initial release of the updated Flipster Mobile app, the following authentication methods are supported:

  • IP = IP address authentication is the traditional method of identifying users requesting access to vendor databases. Users gain access based on their computer or site's IP address (numerical address). This is a “silent” method; users are not prompted to enter any credentials to log in.

  • UID = User ID and Password authentication can be useful to users who access EBSCOhost remotely. The library administrator can provide users with a user ID and password, providing instant access to EBSCOhost from their home or school computer. On the EBSCO login page this option requires a user to enter their credentials in boxes called User ID and Password.

  • SSO = Single Sign-On lets you use a single authentication method for all of your library's services. A user is able to log in once and is granted access to multiple, independent applications without having to log in again when accessing each additional application.

  • SHIB = Shibboleth is a type of Single Sign-On authentication that allows users to sign into systems run by federations of different institutions or organizations, such as universities using a single authentication method.

  • Athens = OpenAthens is a type of authentication that allows users to access multiple electronic resources without needing separate usernames and passwords for each individual vendor. Instead, users have a common user-name and password that allows access to multiple vendors and resources.

  • Proxy = Proxy is a type of authentication that allows users to securely log in to their institution's network which then authenticates them into the institution's electronic resources.

The default Preferred Authentication Order for the Flipster Mobile App is IP,UID,CPID. To learn how to customize that setting, please see: