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Explora - Topic Overview

The Topic Overview is a feature in Explora that provides students with a starting point for research. Topic Overviews appear in the search results list for thousands of popular topics and include links to citable, authoritative summary articles.

Topic Overview content comes from a variety of high quality sources, both proprietary and encyclopedic, including:

  • Salem Press
  • Encyclopædia Britannica
  • American National Biography

If a Topic Overview is available, it will appear at the top of the search results list. Please note that the Topic Overview feature does not alter your search results list in any way.  Many searches include “Related” items listed at the bottom of the Topic Overview placard. These are other titles that are highly relevant to your search. Clicking the link takes you directly to that Research Starter record.

To view the Topic Overview, click the title of the Topic Overview or the More link.

Explora Topic Overview

The Topic Overview will display.

Topic Overview Detail

From here, you can read the full text of the article or listen to the article using the Text-to-Speech feature. In addition, you can click the icons under the Tools menu to print, email, save, or cite the article.

Depending on your search term, the overview article may contain lateral links embedded in the full text. Clicking on a lateral link will take you to the related Topic Overview record.

Note: This FAQ is for end users. Library administrators wishing to enable Topic Overviews in Explora should refer to the following FAQ: Enabling the Explora interface in EBSCOadmin.