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Explora and Google Classroom Quick Start Guide for Educators

This quick start guide provides step-by-step instructions to educators who wish to share Explora content to Google Classroom.

If you are a Google Apps for Education user, you already know that Google Classroom™ allows you to create classes, distribute assignments and communicate with your students ― all in one place. Now compatible with Google Classroom, Explora™ makes it easier than ever for you to share authoritative articles and multimedia content with your students.

Assuming you’ve already set up your classes in Google Classroom, here’s how to share Explora content:

  1. Log in to your Google Classroom account.
  2. Conduct your search in Explora.
  3. Select an article and click the HTML Full Text or PDF Full Text link.
  4. Click the green Google Classroom Share button in the Tools Menu.


    Google Classroom Share will launch in a separate browser window.
  5. Choose the class to which you intend to assign the article.

  6. Choose Create assignment.

  7. Click the Go button.
  8.  Enter a Title, Instructions, Due Date and Topic (optional) for the assigned reading.

  9. Click Assign. The following screen will appear:

  10. Click View to see the assignment in Google Classroom.