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How do I set up a direct link to Explora?

To promote Explora to your users, we recommend you insert an Explora web button on your library website and create a direct link to your Explora interface. This page describes the URL parameters needed to create direct links from your web page to your Explora interface(s).

Explora web button

Right-click on the button image above and save to your computer. To download a zip folder containing all available Explora buttons, including separate versions for high schools, middle schools, and elementary/primary schools, click here.

Building a Direct Link

When building your direct link, begin with the following URL stem:

Next, you can choose to add authentication and profile parameters to further target your URL.

Adding Authentication Parameters to your URL

Add an authentication parameter (authtype=) to your URL that determines the method used to authenticate your users.

The available authentication types are defined in EBSCOadmin and include the following:

  • uid = User ID and Password authentication
  • ip = IP Address authentication
  • custuid = Patron file authentication
  • cpid = Library bar code
  • url = Referring URL
  • Click here to see all available options.

Add the desired authentication parameters to your URL as shown:,uid

In this example, the “authtype” parameter calls for IP address authentication first and if the user’s IP is not matched, the user is prompted for a User ID and password.

Without profile parameters added to the URL, users will be linked directly to your Select Service screen, from which they can choose any one of your available EBSCO products. Therefore, we recommend creating a direct link to Explora.

Adding the Explora Profile ID to your URL

Next, add the profile parameter (&profile=) to indicate which Explora profile you want to target with the URL.

The profile ID is the code you entered into EBSCOadmin when you first created your profile(s). Explora profile ID(s) auto-generated by EBSCO are as follows:

  • Explora Primary Schools: ehk5
  • Explora Secondary Schools: src_ic
  • Explora Public Libraries: ehpl
  • Explora Canada: ehcs

Add the desired profile ID to your URL as shown:


If you need assistance, please contact Customer Support.