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How do I set up persistent links to EBSCOhost Integrated Search Database Subject Groups?

URL parameters enable persistent links from an external web page, to the EBSCOhost Integrated Search screen for a specific Database Subject Group. A sample URL is:{EBSCOadminGroupID}

Add the dbGroup id in the {EBSCOadminGroupID} parameter for the database subject group that you would like to link to.


The dbGroup id number is located in EBSCOadmin on the Searching sub-tab under the Modify link in the Customize Group Databases By Subject area.


To find the database group ID (dbGroup id) of a group:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at
  2. Under the Customize Services tab, select the EBSCOhost Integrated Search profile from the Choose Profile dropdown list.
  3. On the Searching sub-tab, click the Modify link to the right of Customize Group Databases by Subject.
  4. The DBGroup id is located next to each subject group in the list.

Accessing EBSCOhost Integrated Search via a persistent link means that users will bypass the Choose Databases by Subject screen. By selecting the Choose Databases by Subject link above the Find field on the EBSCOhost Integrated Search screen, users will see a list of all Subject Groups available in the profile.