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How can a hospital benefit from use of EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit (EIT)?

The EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of custom integration for hospital IT departments and includes a full range of integration options to meet the needs of end users including:

  • Web Service Gateway: Integrate content into EMR and other clinical decision support applications using the EBSCO XML Gateway. A real-time web service that enables customized and contextually based searches of EBSCO content and formatting of retrieved content to meet end user needs.

  • EMR InfoButton: Leveraging the HL7 standard enables access from a patient record in the EMR to contextually relevant clinical information for evidence-based decision support at the point-of-care.

  • Persistent Linking: Embed direct and dynamic links to clinical content from EBSCO into an application, portal or intranet.

  • RSS Feed: Access content via continuously updated RSS-based feeds from EBSCO. Access to the content is seamless to the end user and requires minimal bandwidth.

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