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EBSCO's Learning Management System Courseware - Frequently Asked Questions

EBSCOhost content can be integrated directly into your Learning Management System(LMS).

Q. Is EBSCO's Learning Management System (LMS) courseware applicable to my organization's needs?

Yes. EBSCO's premium content collections cover all markets and industries. Because the content is continuously updated on a daily basis, you can be assured of timely, relevant content to meet your needs.

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Q. Does the EBSCO Learning Management System courseware conform to eLearning standards?

Yes. EBSCO LMS courseware conforms to the SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 specifications. AICC is not supported at this time.

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Q. Can I see a list of what Learning Management System courses you offer?

Refer to your EBSCO database products. Each and every article available to you through your organization's subscription can be packaged as a Learning Management System-compatible course.

Q. How are specific articles mapped to a Learning Management System course?

Customers can choose to deploy a course comprised of a single EBSCO article (1 SCO) or multiple EBSCO articles (multiple SCOs). The decision to map single or multiple articles within the course depends on preferences of the customer.

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Q. How do I find articles specific to my competencies?

EBSCO content editors can assist you in identifying and mapping specific articles to your organization's competencies. You may also browse the EBSCO databases and select those articles that best fit your requirements.

Q. Does EBSCO Learning Management System courseware contain tests/quizzes?

No. Tests and other assessment activities must be added separately by the customer. It is recommended that customers first import the EBSCO courseware into the LMS and then add the desired assessment activity.

Q. Which SCORM data model tracking elements are supported by EBSCO's Learning Management System?

Completion status and session (elapsed) time.

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Q. Will EBSCO send me the article's HTML and/or PDF files for my Learning Management System?

No. Article content must reside on the EBSCOhost servers due to licensing restrictions. When an EBSCO course is launched from within the Learning Management System (LMS), the content will automatically be retrieved from the EBSCO servers and displayed to the user. PDF files are not permitted to be downloaded and distributed throughout the organization for eLearning purposes.

Q. Can EBSCO articles be added to existing courses within the Learning Management System?

Yes. Edit the desired course in the Learning Management System (LMS) and add the EBSCO article's persistent link to the desired page of the course. Most LMS platforms will allow updates to specific course pages/files without having to delete and recreate the course.

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Q. How would I assign users in the Learning Management System to the EBSCO courseware?

Each of the standard user registration methods available within the Learning Management System (LMS) can be used.

Q. How do I add the EBSCO courseware to my Learning Management System?

Each EBSCO Learning Management System (LMS) course is packaged as a self-contained zip package. The LMS administrator would simply upload each zip content package using the LMS's standard course creation wizard for SCORM-compliant courses.

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Q. Can I get assistance to add EBSCO courseware to my Learning Management System?

Yes. EBSCO provides technical integration support to assist you in deploying the courseware to the Learning Management System (LMS).

For assistance, contact EBSCO Technical Support at

Q. How is the EBSCO Learning Management System courseware packaged?

EBSCO courseware will be packaged in Windows compressed (zipped) format according to the specifications of the SCORM Content Aggregation Model. These zip files contain all the necessary files, including the imsmanifest.xml to import the EBSCO content within the LMS.

Content packages will generally range between 10kb and 50kb in size.

Q. The Learning Management System is behind a firewall, how will the EBSCO content communicate with the LMS's SCORM API?

EBSCO content will communicate with an organization’s LMS according to the specifications of the SCORM RunTime API interface. Included within each EBSCO content package are JavaScript files that will communicate course status and elapsed time usage data with the Learning Management System's (LMS) API. Once the EBSCO content package is imported into the LMS, these files will reside locally within the LMS file system.

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