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What communication protocols are supported by the EBSCOhost API?

The EBSCOhost API may be configured to utilize either SOAP or REST communication protocols, both of which are useful in exchanging XML tagged data.

  • SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol is an activity-oriented protocol, meaning that it focuses on actions that users will be allowed to perform. Using SOAP with the EBSCOhost API, requests are sent through a series of text commands to first authenticate, submit a search, and then present results.

  • REST or Representational State Transfer is a resource-oriented protocol, which means that it focuses on distinct data objects upon which standard operations can be performed. It is noted for its comparative simplicity and ease of use. Using REST with the EBSCOhost API, authentication, search request, and result qualifiers (such as the desired number of results) are sent through a URL string.