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What is the EBSCOhost Federated Search API?

The EBSCOhost federated search API is a RESTful web service API available to library programmers. It enables libraries to integrate EBSCOhost search results directly into websites, applications, or any other user experience requiring federated search access to EBSCOhost databases.  Using the EBSCOhost API, you can search and browse full text databases and popular databases from your libraries EBSCOhost hosted database subscriptions.

For example, you can use the EBSCOhost API to pull search results directly into your library or corporate portal for ease of use, or use the Web Service to display similar results to a search.

If you have an existing federated search tool it likely uses the EBSCOhost API to search and retrieve results from your EBSCOhost databases. 

Note that all Terms of Use for your subscription databases still apply when using the EBSCOhost federated search API.

For a premium experience, EBSCO offers the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) API.