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EBSCOhost API - Overview FAQs

The EBSCOhost API is used to integrate EBSCOhost results directly into your website. For example, display search results directly on your library or corporate portal or use the EBSCOhost API to display the results of a search.

The EBSCOhost API does not support EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). For more information about the EDS API, click here.

What you need to use the EBSCOhost API

In order to use the EBSCOhost API, you must have an EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit profile. If you need to get an EIT profile, or are unsure if you have one or not, contact your EBSCO Account Manager for more details.

Getting started using the EBSCOhost API

First, make sure you have an EBSCOhost API profile setup. Contact your EBSCO Account Manager for more information. Next, review the Web Service documentation on this site to get started quickly. There are also downloadable samples in the Samples section of the EIT web site.

What you can use the EBSCOhost API for

The EBSCOhost API can be used to integrate EBSCOhost search results directly into your portal or intranet website. Send a search request to the EBSCOhost API, and it will respond with XML results, which you can display in any format you'd like.

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What is an authority?

An authority is a database within a database. Each database will have the available authority databases listed in the EBSCOhost API info method.

EBSCO sample code that you can review to get started with the EBSCOhost API

Samples are available in the Samples section of the EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit (EIT) web site.

Eliminating duplicate records when you issue a search across multiple databases using the EBSCOhost API

Results returned from you by EBSCOhost have already had duplicate records removed.

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How can I retrieve the latest articles from a particular journal using the EBSCOhost API

This can be done by utilizing search tags. For example, if a given database has "SO" as its Journal tag, you could restrict search results to only 'Businessweek' by adding " AND (SO Businessweek)" to the end of your query.

Where to find more information about the EBSCOhost API

More information about the EBSCOhost API is available at the following link:



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