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Can I access EJS content via EBSCOhost?

EJS Enhanced customers can access EBSCOhost linking pages, providing EJS article-level linking available via EBSCOhost.

If you currently:

  • Are an EJS Enhanced customer
  • Have SmartLinking enabled
  • Subscribe to at least one EBSCOhost database
  • OR you desire to access through a Z39.50 client and do not subscribe to an EBSCOhost database

...the E-Journals database will automatically be added to your main profile. The library administrator can enable it for any other profiles using EBSCOadmin. New customers, or customers that do not have Smartlinking enabled, should contact Customer Satisfaction. E-Journals database features include:

  • Ability to use EBSCOhost as a one-stop article-level search for all EBSCOhost online databases and over 10 million articles from more than 19,000 e-journals within EJS.
  • Limit searches to full text (for full-text journals within your EJS account).
  • Direct access to subscribed content via SmartLinks (the EJS interface is hidden when links resolve through EJS).
  • Table of Content Alerts and Search Alerts available using EBSCOhost technology.