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How can I review my search profile matches in EBSCOhost Collection Manager?

You can review your Search Profile matches at any time from within EBSCOhost Collection Manager.

When you review your matches in ECM, they are always up to date and may include titles added after your most recent notification.

To review matches in ECM:

  1. Click Search Profiles and select Active Profiles from the drop-down menu in the toolbar.

    click active profiles below search profiles
  2. Click the View Matches button for the desired profile.

    click view matches
  3. Add all titles to a list or DDA by clicking the Add Matches to List/DDA button or select titles by clicking the Add to List/DDA link for that title.

    Note for ECM Approvers: Approver accounts can add titles directly to the Cart for purchase without having to add titles to a List or DDA.

    add page to list, add title to list or remove item
  4. Click the Remove Title link to remove specific titles from your search profile or click Remove All Matches to remove them all. Titles that you remove from your search profile will not re-appear when the search is re-run.

  5. Click the Export List button to export and save an Excel spreadsheet of all your matches.

    export list of matches