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How do I reassign lists in EBSCOhost Collection Manager?

EBSCOhost Collection Manager Approvers have the ability to switch ownership of a list (For Purchase or DDA) to another user so that they can continue working on it. This option is available from the List Settings menu.

To reassign a list:

  1. From the DDAs or My Lists drop-down, select the appropriate list state that contains the one you wish to edit (In Progress, Submitted, Active, etc.).

  2. Select the list you wish to edit from those displayed.

  3. Click List Settings.

    Click List Settings
  4. Click the Edit Settings button.

    Click Edit Settings
  5. Select a new name from the List Owner drop-down menu and click Save Settings.

    Select new Owner from list


  • The ability to reassign lists is available to ECM Approvers only.

  • Because DDAs are shared across an institution, Approvers who assign DDAs and non-DDA lists to other Approvers or Selectors within their institution will be able to view the list again once it is submitted to them for approval. Only the list owner will see the list while it is in-progress.

  • Non-DDA lists are private, so please note that when an Approver assigns a list to another Approver at his or her institution, he/she will no longer be able to view and edit that list.