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How can I edit my lists in EBSCOhost Collection Manager?

After you have created lists of titles in EBSCOhost Collection Manager, you can edit your lists in the following ways.

Adding Titles to Lists

After you create a list, you can continue to add titles to it before submitting it for approval.

To add titles to lists:

  1. From the ECM result list, add individual titles to a list by clicking Add to List/DDA, or click Add Page to List/DDA to add all items on the page.

  2. Select the list to which you would like to add titles from the Select List drop-down menu and click Add to List.

    adding titles to a list
  3. The titles are added to your list and you are notified in a window below the My Lists drop-down menu. Click the Undo button to remove the added titles from the list.

    adding titles to a list

    Note: Titles in the results that have been added to a list display the Moved to List indicator in the Price column.

Editing Titles and Access Models

You can remove titles from your list as well as change the access model for titles before submitting the list for approval.

To remove titles from lists:

  1. Click My Lists and select In Progress Lists.

    Note: If your list appears in the My Lists box on the left side of the screen, you can access the list directly by clicking its hyperlinked name.

    editing titles and access modes in lists
  2. Click on the hyperlinked name of the list from which you would like to remove titles.

    selecting an in progress list
  3. Remove titles from the list by clicking the Remove from List link for each title.

  4. Modify the access model for a title by clicking the Change Model link and selecting a new model from the available choices and clicking Change Model.


    Modify the access model for all titles in the list by clicking the Update All link, select an access model to apply to all titles in the resulting window and click Update.

    Note: An access model may not be available on all titles in a list due to restrictions. In this case, only titles eligible for that access model are updated.

    changing an access model for titles
Editing List Settings


The List Settings menu allows you to change the name of your list, your list type (For Purchase or Demand Driven Acquisition) and manage payments options for your list.

To edit list settings:

Additional Notes - Enter any desired notes on your list.

  1. From the In Progress list page, click List Settings to reveal the available options.

    editing list settings
  2. Click the Edit Settings button to adjust the settings for your list.

    click edit settings button
  3. Make your desired changes to the list.

    list settings
    • List Name - Modify the name of your list in the field provided.

    List Settings

    • Acquisition Type - Change your list type to For Purchase or Demand Driven Acquisition.

      • For Purchase: For purchase lists are simply lists of books that you are submitting to be purchased at the selected Access model.

      • Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA): DDA lists will become an active collection in your ECM account. The books in the DDA will become visible to your patrons allowing them to trigger the books for purchase if they experience usage. For more info on DDA, visit: What is Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA)?

    • Payment (DDA Only) - Select a payment type for your DDA list.

      • Deposit: Pay Now - Enter an amount you would like to deposit and EBSCO will invoice you for the full amount within 2 business weeks. The titles that you purchase or loan will be debited from this deposit. Your DDA will never charge you more than your deposit amount.

      • Budget: Pay as You Go - Enter an amount you would like to cap purchases at. EBSCO will invoice you weekly for the titles that were purchased or loaned. Your DDA will never charge you more than your budget amount.

    • Deposit/Budget - Enter a dollar amount to set your deposit or budget for your DDA list.

    • Fund Code - Select a Fund Code from the drop-down menu.

    Smart DDA Options

    • Loan to Own - Select this option to purchase a perpetual access copy for titles on your DDA list for any title that surpasses your Loan Limit. After a title is purchased, it will no longer trigger loans.

      • Loan Limit - Select the number of loans by patrons at which the purchase of a title is triggered.

      • Purchase Titles at - Select an access model at which titles are purchased when the loan limit is reached. Note: If a title is not available at the selected model, ECM will purchase the title at the next available lower cost model. ECM will never purchase an access model higher than you have selected.

    • Loan Only - Select this option to make titles available to users until a specific number of loans has been reached. Once that number has been reached, the title is removed from the DDA.

      • Loan Limit - Set the maximum number of loans for each title in your DDA list. Once that limit has been reached, the title is removed from the list.

    Notifications (All settings DDA Only)

    • Send To - Enter an email address to be notified via email when your account drops below a certain amount of money remaining.

    • Alert Amount - Enter an amount at which you would like to be notified when you account drops below it.

    • Send To - Enter an email address to be notified of any titles that are removed based on publisher restrictions.