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Pricing and Licensing Changes for Titles in EBSCOhost Collection Manager

When a list is added to a cart or submitted for approval, ECM checks to make sure that the pricing and licensing restrictions for all of the titles on that list are up to date. When changes to one or more titles do occur, ECM will prompt you with a list of which titles were changed. Such changes are more common in lists that have been sitting in a user’s queue for a length of time prior to purchase. Any impacted title(s) should be noted and the change(s) reviewed prior to submitting or purchasing your list.

Listed below are examples of changes that could occur:

  • The title is no longer available for purchase and has been removed from your list. A title may become unavailable for purchase due to new territory restrictions or lost rights, for example.

  • The requested pricing model is no longer available for that title and the title has been removed from your list. Like the scenario above, the restrictions on access models sometimes change. (More common for 3U or UU price models or titles added to a DDA.)

  • The price of the title has changed and the price was updated accordingly.