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How do I browse EBSCOhost Collection Manager by Publisher?

To browse titles by Publisher in EBSCOhost Collection Manager:

Note: If you are using an approver account, you also have the ability to add individual titles or the entire list to the cart and complete your purchase. Click the Add to Cart button for each desired title or Add Page to Cart to the left of the Add Page to List/DDA link.

  1. Click Publishers in the top toolbar.

    publishers link

    The Publishers List screen is displayed.

  2. Use the A - Z browse feature above the list to browse publishers alphabetically or click All Publishers.

  3. Select a Publisher from the displayed list.


    A result list is displayed.

  4. Add individual titles to a list using the Add to List/DDA link to the right of each item


    Add all titles on the page to a list using the Add Page to List/DDA link at the top of the list.

    publishers results