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How do I approve/purchase lists in EBSCOhost Collection Manager?


Once a list is completed by a selector account in EBSCOhost Collection Manager, it is submitted for approval. In cases where an approver has created a list of titles for purchase, they are not submitted but simply added to the cart for purchase.

Note: Approvers can view, edit, purchase, or reject any list that have been submitted for their institution, regardless of the approver account the list was submitted to.

To approve a submitted list:

  1. Click My Lists and select Submitted Lists to view all lists submitted by selectors.

    Note: Lists submitted by selectors also appear under Submitted Lists on the left-hand side of the ECM Home screen. Simply click Add to Cart to add the list to your cart for purchase.

    click submitted lists
  2. Click Add to Cart for the lists you would like to approve on the Submitted Lists screen.

    click add to cart

    The items in the list are added to your cart.

  3. Click Cart in the top right of the screen to complete your purchase from within the cart.

  4. Click the check box to agree to the order terms and agree to the eContent order and click Finalize Order.

    agree to terms and click finalize order
  5. On the Checkout window, select a Bill To name from the drop-down menu and select a Bill Address for your institution, then click Submit Order.

    Note: Purchase Order (P.O.) Number is an optional field that a customer can provide with their orders. The P.O. number entered at check out will appear on the invoice for the order. P.O. numbers are only supported at the order level.

    select "bill to" name and address