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Purchasing Additional Copies of Flipster Magazines in EBSCOhost Collection Manager

As a Flipster subscriber, it is always easy to purchase additional copies of any current magazine subscription that does not offer unlimited access from EBSCOhost Collection Manager. Providing additional copies can help increase patron use and access to your most popular titles.

To purchase additional copies of your subscriptions:

  1. On the Magazines storefront, search for a title in your subscriptions collection.

    search for subscribed titles
  2. Click the Buy Additional button to add an additional copy of a title to the cart. Titles to which you are subscribed are noted with the Subscribed indicator below the title.

    ECM magazine results

    Note: you may have set ECM to automatically exclude your Currently Subscribed Titles from the result list. In that case they will not appear unless you click the X in the Current Search box to remove this limiter and refresh your results.

    exclude subscribed titles limter
  3. Click the cart at the top of the screen to complete your purchase.

  4. When you purchase additional copies, the subscription term is automatically aligned with your existing subscription which may result in a Prorated price. If desired, you can also change the State Date and Expiration Month of you new copy.

    Review your order and click the check box to agree to the Terms and Conditions. Next, click Finalize Order.

    click to finalize order / note prorated price
  5. On the Checkout window, select a Flipster Contact name from the drop-down menu and select a Billing Address for your institution, then click Submit Order.

    click submit order button

    The Order Confirmation page for your completed order is displayed.