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What are the available EBSCO eBook and Audiobook sales models?

EBSCO currently offers the following eBook and Audiobook sales models.


Currently, Audiobooks can be acquired using the One User (1B1U) ownership model. This model provides patrons access to Audiobook titles, one user at a time.



The most popular model for acquiring eBook titles is an ownership model. EBSCO offers flexible ownership options based on the number of simultaneous users that you want to establish for each title purchased. No matter which option you choose, the titles you purchase are owned in perpetuity—patrons can always access the title.

  • Unlimited Users (1BUU)
    Unlimited simultaneous users per title. By purchasing eBooks with unlimited simultaneous user access, patrons will never experience turn-aways or holds for titles in high demand.

  • Three Users (1B3U)
    Three simultaneous users per title. A great option for new and popular titles in high demand.

  • One User (1B1U)
    Provide patrons access to titles, one user at a time.

Demand-Driven Acquisition

Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) is a library term that represents an acquisition method for filling library shelves with content chosen by patrons rather than librarians.

In EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM), the concept of DDA is implemented with the use of DDA lists. Like Ownership lists, DDA lists sets of titles. However, unlike Ownership lists, a DDA list does persist after it is submitted for an order. This is because when a DDA list is ordered, nothing is actually purchased by the customer. Rather, ordering a DDA list makes all of the titles in that list visible to the patrons of that library via EBSCOhost.

Once the titles are visible to library patrons, the titles are capable of being purchased by a user once any of the triggers listed below are activated:

  • A library patron browses the title for 10 minutes in a single session.
  • A library patron browses more than 10 pages of a title in a single session.
  • A library patron downloads any portion of a title.
  • A library patron emails any portion of a title to another patron.
  • A library patron prints any portion of the title.

Once the title is triggered, it is automatically purchased and removed from the DDA list. The library’s patrons are always unaware that they are triggering a title for purchase.


Select from large collections of titles in high-interest subject areas, updated monthly.

  • eBook Subscriptions
    These eBook packages are offered on an annual subscription basis with unlimited simultaneous user access at a fraction of the cost of purchase. Subscription packages include a large number of titles across a broad range of subject areas, with new titles added on a monthly basis (at no additional cost). New collections will be offered on an annual basis.


EBSCO provides discounts to member libraries of consortia purchasing EBSCO eBooks. Advantages of buying titles as a consortium member include:

  • Ability to enable unlimited access at a reasonable price
  • Libraries can own their own copy of the title
  • Libraries can choose the titles that best suit their users’ needs

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