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EBSCOhost Collection Manager: Glossary

Access models - There are three purchasing access models available. Note that not all models may be available for a given title depending on restrictions set by the publisher.

  • 1B1U (One User) - is an access model that allows one user at a time for purchased eBooks.
  • 1B3U (Three Users) - is an access model that allows three simultaneous users at a time for purchased eBooks.
  • 1BUU (Unlimited Users) - is an access model that allows unlimited simultaneous users at a time for purchased eBooks.

Approver Account - Approver accounts review lists submitted by Selector accounts and can decide to order or reject the submitted lists. In addition, Approvers can perform all tasks Selectors can.

BISAC Subjects - BISAC refers to the BISAC Subject Headings, which were developed by the Book Industry Systems Advisory Committee of the Book Industry Study Group, Inc., to standardize book categories.

ECM Lists - are sets of titles that have been grouped and assigned a name. There are two basic types of lists in ECM, an Ownership List and a DDA List.

  • Ownership List - is a list (created by a Selector or Approver) of titles grouped and organized for purchase.
  • DDA List - is a list of titles visible to the patrons of that library via EBSCOhost but has not been purchased. Instead, the titles are capable of being purchased by a user once any one of several triggers is activated.

Fund Codes - are codes that can be added by Selector and Approver accounts to help reduce accounting confusion. After a code is added, it can be selected during list creation for accounting information purposes.

Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) - DDA is a library term that represents an acquisition method for filling library shelves with content chosen by patrons rather than librarians. For more info, see What is Demand-Driven Acquisition?

Search Profiles - The Search Profiling feature allows you to create profiles that alert you when titles matching the criteria you enter are available for purchase.

Selector Account - Selector accounts have the ability to search for content, create lists and submit these lists to Approvers.

Subject Sets - are pre-packaged collections of frontlist titles created by EBSCO's Collection Development team. The Sets allow for quick and easy purchases in particular high-interest subject areas.