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When trying to access EBSCOhost, why am I being prompted for a user ID and password?

EBSCOhost is available on a subscription basis, and access is generally gained through your local university, public or school library. If the library has arranged for remote access, they may have established User IDs and passwords for those who want to use EBSCOhost from a remote computer. In this event, please contact your librarian for a User ID and Password as EBSCO is not authorized to provide this information.

You could be prompted for User ID and Password for the following reasons:

  • The library or institution you're accessing through is offering remote access via User ID and Password. In this case, you can contact your library administrator to request a User ID and Password to login to EBSCOhost.
  • If you received a User ID and Password that have previously granted access, it is possible that your library administrator has changed them. Many change them several times a year. To get the current User ID and Password, please contact your library administrator. Also, you may have the User ID and Password for your library's proxy server. This means you may be skipping a step when logging in to EBSCOhost. You can contact your library for assistance with connecting through a proxy.
  • The link you clicked on was configured for use inside the library only. In this case, it's likely that your library offers a different link from which you can login remotely. Please contact your library, or check your library website to find this information.
  • If you are clicking on a link to a specific EBSCOhost article, you may be prompted for User ID and Password. If you can access EBSCOhost remotely using a different link, use that link to connect, then go back and click on the article link again. Logging in first will set a cookie that will authorize you to view the article. If you have not connected to EBSCOhost remotely before, please contact your library administrator to request a User ID and Password.