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When accessing EBSCOhost via EZproxy, an "Application Level Exception" error message displays

When I click on databases from the Database Selection Screen or when I perform a search from the Find box in EBSCOhost, I receive an "Application Level Exception" error message when going through EZproxy.  How do I resolve this issue?

Earlier versions of EZproxy (specifically version 2.3 from 2003 or lower) are not designed to handle the latest javascript features in EBSCOhost. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to upgrade to the latest version of EZproxy. Please keep in mind that there are no costs associated with upgrading.

To determine which version of EZproxy you are using, please visit:

To upgrade to the latest version of EZproxy, please visit:

Please use the recommended configuration as your first EBSCOhost entry, which can be found at:

For upgrade information, please contact: