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How do I use the Date Slider feature in EBSCOhost?

Using the date slider, you can refine your result list to include articles published within a specified date range.

After executing your search, the date slider feature is found under Limit To to the left of the result list. To set a start date for your results, drag the left slider bar towards the middle and the results are refreshed. 

To set an end date, drag the right slider bar towards the middle and the result list is refreshed.

You can return to your original date range by clicking the x icon in the Current Search box to remove the date range limiter.


  • If you continue to refine your result list using subject facets, your selected date range is retained throughout your session unless you remove it from the Current Search box.

  • If you do not specify a date range within your search, the date slider will default to show the earliest publication date through the latest publication date. Also note that if your search specifies a certain date range, but articles are not found in the first few years/last few years of that date range, the date slider will also only show the date range with publications available.