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How are seats on a simultaneous user controlled database opened up?

Some EBSCOhost databases use the simultaneous users (SIM users) feature to control access. SIM controlled databases are licensed for a specific number of 'seats'. When an institution reaches the maximum allocation of users simultaneously accessing the database, EBSCOhost displays the following message to any additional users who attempt to access the database:

"Your site has reached its maximum license of simultaneous users for (Database name), therefore, you are unable to search named database(s) at this time. Click Try again to go to the Choose Database screen so that you can choose different databases or try again after waiting a while."

Any of the following actions ends an active SIM controlled database session:

  • Allowing more than 12 consecutive minutes of inactivity to occur.

  • Selecting the Choose Databases tab.

  • Selecting the Select another EBSCO service tab.

  • Clicking the library name, logo or Exit link in the upper right corner of the page.

The session timeout for a SIM controlled database is different than the session timeout for EBSCOhost (which is controlled by a setting in EBSCOadmin). Therefore, it is possible to time out from a SIM database prior to timing out from an EBSCOhost session.

Note:Closing the browser using the "x" button or File->Close does not end the EBSCOhost session.