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How do I save EBSCOhost records with PDF Full Text?

If you are saving an item that includes PDF Full Text, the PDF does not automatically save from your browser window. You must open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader and use the Reader's save capability.

To save PDF Full Text:

  1. From the EBSCOhost Result List, open the PDF Full Text result that you want to save. Adobe Acrobat Reader opens and displays the PDF Full Text.

  2. In the Adobe Reader toolbar, click the Save (diskette) icon.

  3. On the Save a Copy dialog box, select the location on your computer to which you would like to save the file.

  4. Accept the default name for the file, or rename it to suit your needs. Be sure to keep the .pdf file extension.

  5. Click Save. The PDF file will be saved to the location you indicated.