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Why do I receive the message "The Web page could not be saved to the selected location" when saving full text?

When you try to save a web page using the Web Page, complete (*.htm; *. html) or Web Archive, single file (*.mht) options in Internet Explorer, you may receive the one of the following error messages:

  • This Web page could not be saved to the selected location.
  • Error saving web page.

The probable cause is that the web page contains a link to a style sheet, which resides on a different server than that where the page is located. Due to a recent security update (MS02-023 Patch or later), Microsoft Internet Explorer blocks access to the style sheet code if the code is on a different domain/server. Microsoft has confirmed that this is a Microsoft product issue.

To avoid the error message, please follow these instructions:

When you choose Save As from your browser's menu, change the Save As Type from Web page, complete to Web Page, HTML only.