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What is a publication search on EBSCOhost?

Searching by Publication Name

A publication search is one that gives you access to all available volumes and issues of a selected publication.

To perform a publication search on EBSCOhost:

  1. Click on the Publications link on the top toolbar of your search screen.

  2. Type in the publication name in the Browse for field.

  3. Choose your search criteria and click the Browse button.

    The desired publication or publications are displayed in a Result List, if available in the database.  

Search Criteria

When searching from the Publication Search Screen you have the option to choose from the following search criteria:


  • Alphabetical - Enter the first few letters of the publication name. Your search results will include all available publications that begin with the letters you entered, presented in alphabetical order.

  • By Subject & Description - Finds publications that carry your search terms in the Subject, Description or Title fields of the Publication Details.

  • Match any words - Finds publications with one or more of the words in your search terms. Results are displayed in order of relevance to your search terms.  

To view detailed information about a publication while on the Publication Search Screen, click on the name of the publication. This will show pertinent information about the publication such as title, publisher's name, address and URL. This also includes coverage dates for abstract and full text, if available, and shows the years for which data is available for the publication. Clicking on the desired year will expand to show volumes and issues. To see articles from a particular volume/issue, click on the volume/issue name. Click the Back button to return to the Publication Screen.

Note: The Publications link will not be available if you have selected a database that does not have a Publication Authority File.

If you select multiple databases to search at the same time, the Publications link will be available as long as one of the databases being searched has a Publication Authority File available. If more than one database in your search has a Publication Authority File, each Authority File will be available via a drop-down menu from the Publications link.