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How can I print an HTML document that is too wide for the page?

There are some articles in EBSCOhost that contain graphs, charts, or images that are too large to fit within the normal margins of a page. When printing these articles, the right margin extends beyond the edge of the paper and not all of the text will be visible. In order to print the entire article, please change your print setting orientation from portrait to landscape.

To change your print setting to landscape:

  1. Print as you normally would through the Print Manager.  

  2. When your printer menu displays on the screen, click Properties (or Preferences/Setup).

  3. Change the selection from portrait to landscape.

Note: If appropriate, remember to reset your settings so that the next article will print in portrait.


If this solution does not produce the desired results, please follow this two-part process:

To reformat and print the text:

  1. Open a Word document.

  2. Copy and paste all text above and below any graphs/charts to Word.

  3. Print the Word document.


To print the graph/chart:

  1. Right-click on the graph/chart and select Print picture.

  2. A printer window opens.

  3. Go to the Page Setup Tab.

  4. Change the orientation to landscape and print the picture.