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Why does my persistent link say no results found?

If a profile has a "hidden limiter," (a limiter that is turned on but not visible to users,) it can impact a persistent link to that profile.

For example: If the full text limiter is being utilized as a hidden limiter, a persistent link to a record that does not have available full text will return a no results found message on the EBSCO search screen. If the limiter is not hidden, but defaulted to On the link should direct the user to the correct record.

When might this happen?

A user locates an article, with no full text available using Advanced Search, (and Advanced Search is not the default search screen for the profile) and a persistent link is made.

When the user tries using the persistent link to get back to the article citation, they get no results found because the full text limiter is enabled and hidden in the basic search screen, (and Basic Search is the default search screen for the profile.) The link does not find the article because the article does not have full text available.