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How do I log into the Rosetta Stone mobile app with my institution's EBSCO account?

If your institution offers access to Rosetta Stone through EBSCO, you can download the Rosetta Stone app and authenticate it with your EBSCO credentials.

To authenticate the Rosetta Stone app:

  1. Install the Rosetta Stone app from the iOS App Store on Google Play on your mobile device.

  2. On your device's mobile browser, go to and log in with your institution's EBSCO credentials.

    Note: If you do not know those log in credentials, please see your institution's administrator or librarian to request them.

  3. Click Rosetta Stone Library Solution from the list of products on the Select Service screen.

  4. Enter your email address and password on the EBSCO/Rosetta Stone landing page. If you are a first time user, create an account on this screen.

  5. After authenticating beyond the landing page, click on Launch Rosetta Stone. The app is launched on your device.

    Note: If accessing on a Kindle or Nook device, you are directed to the main page of the app store for your device.

If you need assistance with Rosetta Stone, please see Support for Rosetta Stone Library Solution for contact information.