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What if my library is not listed on the EBSCOhost Connection page?

EBSCO is offering this service to all of its library customers. Each institution has a chance to participate. If your region or library is not on the list, we encourage you to contact your library and let them know that this is a service you would like to have. EBSCO does not charge its customers for this service. Check back with us often as we are working diligently to ensure that a growing number of libraries participate in this program.

Many library consortiums also purchase research databases for their constituents. If you do not find your local library listed, search for and gain access via your state, county, or other local library consortium. Often this is as simple as searching for your state's name (e.g. Ohio).

Consult your library's web site, or you can use sites such as to find out more details about your library resources. Universities (or other institutions) with many campuses may also be listed under the University's main campus name or the city where the University's main campus is located. Distance learners should conduct a search on the university name or partial name and gain access through their institutions.

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