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Can EBSCOhost provide links to open access publishers and services such as BioMed Central and PubMed Central?

Yes, EBSCOhost can link to open access publishers.

Open access publishers like BioMed Central and services like PubMed Central desire to provide a permanent, free archive to quality research literature. EBSCO continues to work with open access publishers, licensing data for inclusion in EBSCO products. When that is not possible, we are able to link to them either via CrossRef (if they are partners) or through EBSCOhost CustomLinks.

EBSCOhost CustomLinks can be enabled in your account to link to Open Access OpenURL services. A limiter can be created based upon a Locals holdings collection to restrict searches to this source of Full Text. Additionally, EBSCOhost Smartlinks can be used to access and limit searches to sources of full text via CrossRef.

For more details specific to BioMed Central, goals and philosophy see:

For more details on PubMed Central see: