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What is the difference between Subject facets and Subject: Thesaurus Terms facets?

Both the Subject facet and Subject: Thesaurus Term facet (found in the left column of the EBSCOhost) are made up of subject terms available in the Detailed Record (article citation).

The Subject: Thesaurus Terms facet is derived from article subject headings that are also found in that database’s thesaurus authority file. Most often the thesaurus terms are created and applied by professional taxonomists and subject specialists to fit the scope of the database. Terms listed under the Subject facet are created by authors or abstractors and are not listed in the database's subject terms thesaurus authority file. Additionally, when viewing subject terms in the article's citation, the Subject: Thesaurus Terms are marked with an asterisk while Subject terms are not.

Please note that in multi-database searching the same terms can show in both facets since term classification is database specific. Also, in some rare occurrences, not all databases support the Subject: Thesaurus Terms facet even if they have a thesaurus authority file. For those, the granular subjects roll up into the Subjects facet.

Note: The Subject: Thesaurus Term facet is not available in EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS).

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