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What is the difference between Persistent Linking and EBSCO SmartLinks?

EBSCO SmartLinking is a proprietary linking technology, that allows a user to link from the citation for a record in one EBSCOhost database, to the full text for that same record in another EBSCOhost database, EBSCO Electronic Journals Service (EJS), or a CrossRef member publisher site.

  • SmartLinks are session-based, and therefore cannot be placed on web pages or used for directly accessing records, from outside of an existing EBSCOhost session.

  • Persistent Linking allows a user to originate from outside of EBSCOhost and initiate a new EBSCOhost session by simply following the URL. Because of this, Persistent Links are not session-based links that allow a user to access a specific journal, record or subset of records.