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Does closing the browser end my EBSCOhost session?

Closing the browser or EBSCOhost browser page does not end an EBSCOhost session. To properly exit your EBSCOhost session, it is recommended that you click the library name or logo that appears in the upper right corner of the EBSCOhost page. If you close the browser, the active EBSCOhost session does not end until the session timeout value has been reached. EBSCOhost sessions expire after 30 minutes of inactivity, although in some cases the limit may be reduced to 15 minutes for security.

Please note that simultaneous user database (SIM database) sessions end after 12 minutes of inactivity. Therefore, it is possible to time out from a SIM database prior to timing out from an EBSCOhost session.

SIM databases are licensed for a specific number of 'seats', or simultaneous users. When the maximum number of licensed seats is reached, no additional users can access the database until a seat becomes available. For more information on SIM access, please see the following FAQ: 

How long does it take for an inactive user's seat to clear if our database has a controlled number of simultaneous users?